Why did you become a writer?

It’s a psychic journey. I wanted to find myself. Storytelling is a renowned technique for self-exploration. It admits one directly into what Tibetans call the bardo, literally “between existences.” There we create the stories that define us. All of us do this, usually unconsciously. We gauge our distances in life by these stories, right to the edge of the world. The collective soul has its stories, too. These are the tales that are written down and that become part of the psychic fabric of society. The ambition of every writer is to find and recount these stories, because then one finds not only oneself but the world.

Why do you write science fiction and fantasy?
Those are the genres that plumb most deeply the bardo and that attain the greatest propinquity to the Place of Mystery that is the soul.

Define ‘soul.’
What we feel about the hard facts of existence, whether those feelings originate in us or emanate (as the ancients believed) from the hard facts of the world itself (as the anima mundi, the soul of the world).

What about fiction simply as entertainment? Why regard fiction as a soulful concern at all?
Entertainment is soulful. It is participation mystique at its finest. When one is most entertained, most engrossed in a work of art, one is no longer simply with oneself. One has entered the bardo and is in a shared psychic space with the artist and the collective soul. From the first fireside storytellers, the goal has always been entertainment, the portal that opens to what is beyond us.

Writing is such a solitary endeavor. Do you ever feel you are losing touch with the world this side of the bardo?
Personally, I believe in the physics of quantal interconnectedness. Reality is instantaneous. Time is an illusion. There are no boundaries. And mind is immanence. So, in an important way, we are always in touch!

You’ve given few interviews. Why so reluctant to speak of your work?
My fiction speaks for itself - or it doesn’t speak at all. I agree with Homer who expressed the view in his fiction that the desire to be seen is the ambition of ghosts and to be remembered the aspiration of the dead.